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Smart Banking

We operate our banking services in many countries around the world

Leadership and governance Led by Chairman, President and CEO Andy Rogers, our company is managed by a 14-person Managing Committee. This group includes the leaders of our four core business lines – Consumer and Business Banking; Payment Services; Corporate and Commercial Banking; and Wealth Management and Investment Services – as well as the heads of functional areas including risk management, digital transformation, diversity and more. As a publicly traded company, we’re also governed by a 13-member Board of Directors, which is chaired by Cecere.

  • Online Presence: With our effective online presence which has a clear vision. This includes having the knowledge of what our customer target is or having clear definition of your target customers/clients so to know how to approach and appeal to them.
  • Marketing Strategy: By mapping out all sections that needs for our banking environements and security to grow vast and globally.
  • Promote local Sale: We offer our loyal customers a key part of how to promote their product, because clients are most likely to not only buy it, but also promote it to their networks. This can take the form of a private, in-person or virtual pre-launch party: an online tour, preview, or demo.
Our Services

Providing Services For Last 25 Years With Reputation


Deadline Reminders

We keep you up to date on plans and advice on how and when to grow your finance with date set apart for that.


Instant Wire Functionality

Our financial wire transfer API system is always ready to take care of bill payments and crediting.


Simple Dashboard

Well Equipped, simple user interface to help you understand and track your finance on your online offshore banking profile.


Email Notification

Get notified on all transactions and messages from us on products and services, investment and system upgrade.

Know More
How to open an account

You can easily open a bank account by following some rules below.

Opening an account from any where no matter your destination, follow the easy steps below.


Personal details

On the account opening form use your personal details for easy access of your finance. Eg.Personal Name, Email, Age and others as requested by the form.



Idetification verification is necessary after account opening, so we advice customers use your personal information for security reasons.


Address information

Personal address is very vital cause we use your address provided to match your address provided in your ID during the KYC verification.

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