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Business Savings Account

Open a Business Savings Account with us, and watch your interest accumulates as you save. We are focusing on 13 key segments of the economy and have tailor made products and services for these segments.

Our dedicated Business Banking specialists know what makes successful Access organisations tick. Along with products and services built specifically for business growth and funds transfer, we are here to help your business.

Business Checking Account

Do you operate a business or company this is the right account for you, get a Business Checking Account/Upgrade your account to increase your transfer limit.

Nothing says convenience quite like immediate access to your funds in an international money market Checking account. Looking for peace of mind? The Offshore Checking account offers easy access and pays interest in qualifying currencies.

How to Open and Access an Offshore Bank Account

Offshore banking is often associated with a high level of financial sophistication and, sometimes, chicanery. However, the reality is that the average person can open an offshore bank account with just a few hours of work. Here in Sunbelt Credit union our offshore banking system follow a foreign jurisdiction with certain requirements. The following is an overview of what you can expect if you decide to open an offshore bank account with us.

  • When you take part in our offshore banking system, you do so with our financial institution outside your home country.
  • In order to open an account with us, you will need to provide proof of your identity and other documents to prove your identity.
  • We may also require information on the source of your deposits.
  • You can access your account using a debit card or by making wire transfers.

The Basic Requirements

The basics of opening an offshore bank account with us are similar to opening a bank account in your home country. Offshore banks require your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, address, citizenship, and occupation.

To verify your personal information, you will need to submit a copy of your passport, driver's license, or other identifying documents issued by a governmental agency. We are also concerned with verifying your residence or physical address since this may affect taxation issues. This requirement may be satisfied by presenting a utility bill or something similar.

Regardless of what type of document you provide, we will need to make sure they're authentic. A notarized copy of certain documents may suffice in some cases. But other offshore centers prefer an apostilles stamp—a special type of certification mark that's used internationally. If this is the case, you will need to visit the government office that is authorized to issue this stamp for your state or nation.

Additional Verification Documents

There are often considerable additional requirements to open an account with us. These requirements are in place to discourage money laundering, tax fraud, or other illegal activities often associated with offshore banking.

Depositing into your Offshore Business/savings account

Offshore bank accounts are most often funded electronically through international wire transfers. Unfortunately, the systems that enable free electronic transfers common in domestic banking are typically not able to transfer money internationally.

Making Withdrawals

We offer a variety of ways to withdraw funds to maximize the convenience of using their services. We issue a debit card that allows you to easily access your funds worldwide. Make sure you're aware of the fees for using the card since they can add up. Withdrawing larger amounts of cash at one time may help to minimize these fees.

We may also offer checks. However, this is usually not a preferred method– primarily, because confidentiality is often desired in our accounts. Problems may also arise since checks drawn on foreign accounts are not always accepted locally.

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More Asked Question

This could be done online by sending a ticket request from your account when logged into our internet banking API. or contact us on the contact page.

Is a secure online banking platform that enables cutomers make transfers to anyone in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regardless of the amount for companies and hugs business owners.

Just before you login to your internet banking, you see a forgot password link, click on it and fill the form, its as simple as that.

Identity verification is very important for customers with new account and also for old customer who wish to upgrade their transfer limit. login to your internet banking Account click on your profile picture as displayed on your navigation bar then click on profile and verificaton, then follow all steps as showing. As easy as that.

login to your internet banking Account click on your profile picture as displayed on your navigation bar then click on profile and verificaton, then follow all steps as showing. As easy as that.