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“We would not exist if Agnate Trust Capital bank did not help support us. Anytime we’ve needed money to grow, The Loan Fund has stepped up to the plate. Agnate Trust Capital bank really puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to lending for change and working with nonprofits.”

Shonda Leer

Director, BAT

Agnate Trust Capital bank has helped us take on bigger and more art projects within the community. Initially, Agnate Trust Capital bank took a risk on us. They provided us funding when we had an annual budget of only $7,000, and that has helped us grow into what we are today.”

Alex Cruis


“ Agnate Trust Capital bank has been a key partner in our success, and a valuable asset for the growth and future of our company. We have always enjoyed payment through wire transfer with Agnate Trust Capital offshore online banking services.”

Marion Ott

Founder, Olleo

Agnate Trust Capital bank has made it possible for us to extend our concert series, for more New individuals to enjoy, while also helping to support local artists. We thank Transferdove bank for the Loan and their support towards our thriving local music scene.

Harry Jackson


Just greatful for having a reliable and great banking service offered by Subelt Credit Union. I am thankful for all the customer care support rendered when needed the most.

Brock Lee


I send and receive money on the go with out any interference and with low cost fees, the best and most reliable offshore interent banking system, and i dot think i will use any other other than this. Thank you Agnate Trust Capital.

Mark Owen